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From Obstacles to Opportunities!

Every human on this planet has problems. It is how we view those problems that helps us through them with empowerment or continued suffering. The energy that empowers is love--more love than you have ever thought to give yourself. 

Being willing to get to know, love, and accept all of YOU is the journey of a lifetime!

You, beautiful, have been well designed to turn all your challenges into opportunities.

With the right perspective you can be the most empowered and authentic version of YOU!

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Holistic Empowerment Coaching 

Rooted in Ancient Vedic Philosophy Mindy's coaching develops a deep understanding of your soul's purpose and how it works through your perfectly imperfect human nature. This work will align your heart, mind, energy and soul to invite in the life deep down you know you deserve.

3 Gunas

The Gunas are the polarities we see everywhere. We often swing between positive and negative missing out on the serenity of balance.

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4 Aims of Life

There are four reasons each soul incarnates to fulfill. Learning which area you need to grow in offers you the ability to live in fullness.

5 Koshas

Humans are multi-dimensional beings. Understanding each layer brings illumination and growth as you clear blockages to the real you.

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7 Chakras

The chakras are like an energetic road map we can follow to understand ourselves, our emotions, our uniqueness and our universal connection. 

Mindy's presence holds the space for you to be seen and dig deep. 

Amanda Cameron

Amee Willoughby

Mindy is refreshingly genuine and made me feel understood, cared for and worthy of unearthing my light again. Mindy’s vision and teaching is profound.

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

With Mindy's coaching I now have the freedom to not be stuck and held back - I have the freedom to live my best life. And not only have the freedom, but know I deserve it.

Laurel Kung

The latest from my blog 

SOUL-full Music


My kirtan album is filled with inspiring divine feminine mantras that are for creation, love, and developing your own happy. 

It may be called "Mantras for Mamas" but it is for all who are in the creative process, whether you are creating a baby or a new business. 

Listen to the album anywhere you get your digital music or buy a CD here.

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