Love is the SOULution

Ready to raise your vibe and tap into your limitless power?

Shakti is creativity, power, and all that exists in our universe. She is the energy that inspires us to take action and create the life we desire. 

Shakti is the feminine energy in all, female and male, that is often dormant or at least not fully operational. 

Waking up that shakti empowers you to live an even better life filled with abundance, joy and love.

In this inspirational book you will learn 11 simple activation tools you can use every day--not all of them every day of course! 😉 

It is up to each and every one of us to awaken the feminine, balance the masculine and take an active roll in healing our planet. This book shows you how.

Activate Your Shakti Ebook

Simple practices and rituals you can use to raise your vibration.

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Hi! I'm Mindy


I've been a spiritual teacher for the last 20 years. I've taught yoga, chakras, am a Master of Crystology and basically just love helping people embody their highest selves so they can lead the amazing life they were meant for.

As an empowerment coach I help soul sisters and brothers break free from feeling depleted and disconnected and so they can feel vital, courageous and aligned with their soul.

Aligning you with your highest self is my life’s work. When you are connected within it reflects as outer love and connection as well. It is time to embody your light warrior and shine brightly, unafraid to live your highest purpose and lead with love!

My ultimate goal in life is to bring more love and connection to the world.

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