Love is the SOULution

Transformational Coaching & Custom Chakra Mala Package

Feeling stuck at the end of this tumultuous year?

Looking for clarity, confidence and trust that you are on the right path?

Are you ready to run into 2021 knowing you are on the right path rather than staying stuck in all the muck of 2020 lost and confused?

Hey there! I'm Lindsay

Ready to start really living your best life? Then you're in the right place. 

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All The Tools You Need To Align with Your Highest Self

Inspired by the unity of the world and empowering you to be the SOULution, you get the best the practices and tools of the spiritual world!

Transformational Coaching

Discover what is holding you back in the present from achieving your goals and break through the barriers that have held you back for so long.

Chakra Alignment & Crystal Mala

Uncover stuck energy in your body and realign with a custom handmade mala with crystals chosen just for you and your journey.

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Personalized Mantra

Mindy will assign you a mantra to align with your goals and help you create the transformation you desire long after our session together. 

Clarity of Vision 


What do you want out of the rest of this year and moving into next? I mean what do you really want?

If you aren't sure it is time to gain some clarity. If you do know what you want it's time to get some support on your mission. 

You know there is a yearning in your heart calling you to step up in a new way. But the old self is holding you back and embodying all of you unapologetically. 

That's where a powerful 1-on-1 coaching session can come in handy.

I'm putting together five of my favorite things into one potent tool of transformation.

  1. Rapid Transformation Coaching
  2. Crystals
  3. Malas
  4. Chakras
  5. Mantra

It is the perfect gift to give yourself or your favorite spiritual seeker this holiday season. Far more meaningful and potent than a mala alone. This combination package will get you moving forward and living on purpose once again. 

An Easy Investment in You or a Loved One. 

You deserve so much more in your life and this is an amazing opportunity to step into your greatness with ease, joy and grace.

This package includes all you need to finish 2020 strong and move into a new year with inner alignment and power.

Gift of Presence


  • Rapid Transformation Goal Coaching
    • 1-on-1 60 minute coaching session with Mindy Arbuckle via Zoom ($200 value)
    • Clarity on what you really want (priceless)
  • Chakra alignment ($75 value)
  • Personalized Mantra to support your heart’s desires ($108 value)
  • Handmade custom chakra mala that will amplify the energy of your goals and enhance the potency of your personalized mantra ($154 value)
  • $537 total value

Gift Certificate


Support a loved one on their spiritual journey.


Mindy Arbuckle

Mindy Arbuckle has been teaching yoga, meditation, mantra and spirituality since 2001.  She is a heart-felt teacher that brings shakti into all she does.  Yoga has so many aspects beyond asana and that is where her passions lay.  Energy and sound create the foundation for her teachings.  Divine feminine is deeply embedded with these and exists everywhere.  Bringing the ancient wisdom of yoga into today’s world to improve lives is also vital to her teachings.  She offers all this ancient wisdom from her heart in a loving and approachable way.