Love is the SOULution

The biggest secret to overcoming burnout.

Are you ready to be an empowered authentic leader who loves herself like never before and thrives with confidence and vitality?

I'm Mindy and I'm here to help.

Are you sick of playing by everyone else's rules and it never really working out in your favor?

Are you exhausted from giving all of yourself to your job, your family or your community and not making time for yourself?

Does the thought of putting yourself first make you feel selfish?


  • "Every woman is burnt out" they say. "It's normal."
  • "Think of others before you think of yourself" they say.
  • "Work harder and you can have it all" they say.


Wait. Who are they?

And how come this always leads to you a giant crash, tub of ice cream in hand, binging on Netflix because you can't push your way through anymore?


Let me know if you've ever had these thoughts...

I've tried meditating before but sucked at it.

I do so much for everyone else and never get support when I really need it.

I feel guilty and greedy when I do something good for myself.

I used to be so fun and energetic.

I really don't want to get out of bed this morning!

What's the point? I never seem to get anywhere with my dreams.

OR -- It's killing me to reach for my dreams. I'm so tired.

Annddd adding one more thing to your to-do list --

even if it is good for you just feels like it will wear you out even more. 

Mindy Arbuckle here...


I know how frustrating this all is because I've been there too. So I'm coming out of the woodworks because I have something big to say.

And I need you to hear it.

This was once me...

  • feeling like I was never enough when it came to those around me, but knowing I was meant for something big.
  • always trying to prove my worth by doing more and being "perfect"  which lead me to a great big achievement trap.
  • Burning myself out helping others while never really taking care of myself the way I needed to.
  • Putting everyone and everything else first and myself last.

It's so common for women to feel this way and it breaks my heart.

Here's why:

I'm sick and tired of seeing good hearted, authentic women leaders run themselves ragged until their are disconnected, worn out and resentful. 

Listen. I see you. 

Imagine never having to prove yourself ever again.

What I'm about to tell you might just be the missing piece to you really living the life of your dreams.

...shedding stress, anxiety and frustration
...connected to the powerhouse of your divine self
...and practically living here in this world meeting all your obligations.

It's the perfect amount of presence, self-love and universal connection to reset your life so it works for you instead of to you!



the Burnout SOULution

This is a 10 week journey back home to yourSelf. You are the SOULution. 

Fulfillment is your destiny. Everything you need is included.


Content Built for You

Weekly courses, meditations and yoga practices to keep you focused and expanding

World Class Coaching

4 one-on-one sessions to clear the way for your ultimate success and growth!

Achieve Your Goals

Set the intention, clear the path of obstacles and take spirit aligned actions

Solve Real World Problems

With mindfulness, a huge new perspective and showing up authentically you can be yourSelf at work, get the promotion you deserve without working harder, grow your current conscious business, improve your relationships, be fully present as a parent, and have energy for taking on the challenges and gifts of your life.

Embody Abundance

Align with your soul's purpose to drive your life and career forward

Bust Through Self Limiting Beliefs

Learn about how the mind works and how to clean up your mind trash

Love & Nurture YourSELF

Establish daily practices and rituals to balance mind, body, heart and spirit

At the end of the course, you'll:

💜 Align with your soul's purpose and use this to drive your life and career forward to greater financial abundance.

💜 Get clear on your future business or on your current work so you can courageously move into your success.

💜 Enjoy going to work every day (in person or virtually) and show up to lead your team or company with courage, love and abundance.

💜 Clear blocks to money that keep you from your financial success.

💜 Have the confidence and clarity to set big goals, align with your dreams and put your highest self in the drivers seat. 

💜 Be more present for your kids, spouse and other important relationships in your life. 

💜 Feel like yourSelf again, transforming stress into inspiration, exhaustion into energy.

💜 Be an empowered, self-assured female leader and who is in control of her mind, body and heart.

💜 Overcome anxiety and depression to let you feel like the real, inspired woman you are. 

💜 Have daily practices to cleans your mind, emotions and energy.

💜 Establish a consistent, nourishing meditation practice that you want to do every day!

💜 Set yourself free from negative and limiting thoughts and patterns to live in an expanded state.

💜 Know your own energy, how to clear what isn't and simple ways to clear and refuel yourSelf.

💜 Experience vibrant health and greater vitality.

💜 Live your life in ease and flow for total sacred fulfillment.

Here's what you'll get in the Burnout SOULution

In this 8 week program you will clear your shadow shit to know yourself more fully than ever before. You will leave feeling empowered and own your uniqueness so you can courageously make a positive impact in your world. This course provides all the skills a modern woman needs to thrive.


Direction and focus on bringing your big ideas into the world.


Enhance your ability to communicate and lead from the heart so you can serve big. 


Clear attention on what matters to maximize impact and vitality.

Here's what working with Mindy is like:

Amanda Cameron

Solid as a rock is how I would describe Mindy's energy. Her presence holds the space for you to be seen and dig deep. I am more secure in my ability to handle my emotions and really be the observer of what is happening. I have felt the benefits of what I learned in Mindy's course in my personal and professional lives alike. You will not regret committing to this unique offering. Mindy is generous and flexible and really facilitates interaction in a safe space where people feel free to share with no judgement.

Amee Willoughby

The very first moment I met Mindy she was refreshingly genuine and made me feel understood, cared for and worthy of unearthing my light again. Mindy’s vision and teaching is profound. I could go on and on. Mindy Arbuckle is a spiritual teacher who is not only passionate about what she does she is just as passionate about her students and their successes.

Susan Beckett

Please know how much strength and courage you share with me through your vulnerability and authenticity. I hear your voice all the time and reflect frequently on the time we worked together. You are wise beyond your years and I am consistently moved by the messages you share. Thank you for being you and for sharing your light. It impacts more people than you will ever know.

Laurel Kung

I began this course and within the first day and the first lesson, I knew I was in the right place, with the right mentor.  I was finally investing in myself and focusing on me spiritually and emotionally. 

 I have the freedom to not be stuck and held back - I have the freedom to live my best life.  And not only have the freedom, but know I deserve it.

Katie O.

I am so grateful that I was guided to work with Mindy. Once we touched base, I knew this was home. I would be able to be myself. Speak my truth for once in life. My seemingly crazy spiritual rituals and, views would finally become intelligent conversation with beautiful like minded individuals. I was home.

Ashleigh W.

I don't have enough words to say how truly grateful I am for all that you've done for me. You have touched me in a way that will change me forever, and I truly feel I'm a better person just from knowing you! Thank you for helping me find my true self!

Robin M.

This journey has been so much fun! Thank you so much for all your beautiful wisdom, love and support! You are an awesome teacher! I feel like I know myself again!


Who is the Burnout SOULution  for?

Women with big hearts who are generally positive and want to make their way in the world. Professional women who are also spiritual women. Women who know that their work serves a larger purpose.

  • Spiritual Entrepreneurs
  • Corporate Women who are ready for more
  • Stay at Home Moms who are building a side hustle
  • Coaches, Influencers, Healers

We all lead in our own ways and this course will help you align with your highest Self and your divine purpose so that you can lead your life with confidence and let love be your guide in all situations.

There is a catch!

This isn't for everyone. I work with women who are ready and willing to embrace their value and hold it sacred. To join this journey you must be: 

  • Spiritually open to new ideas
  • Willing to do the work to improve yourself, your work and your life
  • Ready to own your value and align with the divine feminine rock star you are!
I'm Ready to Join! Book My Call!

Are You Living the Life of Your Dreams?

If you are searching for that missing link to get you there, then you're in the right place. 

Wanna learn more?

Check out this Valuable Presentation: 

The Burnout SOULution: 5 Shifts Female Leaders Use to Eliminate Overwhelm and Burnout

Today is the day! Let's do this!

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About Your Guide: Mindy Arbuckle

5 short years ago I was living my dream life with my own business, teaching what I loved and enjoying a budding family. And I was feeling totally burnt out.

This work is so important to me because I had what everyone thought was the "perfect life" but was feeling the pull to change directions and it was scary. I have made that journey using the wisdom and techniques I've been developing for over 20 years. 

I am an holistic coach, conscious entrepreneur, energy healer, yoga educator, author of 7 Steps to Happy, and musician. And have been teaching spirituality and yoga since 2001.

Love is my super power and I'm here to connect women to their own super powers, improving this world one woman at a time. 

A self-proclaimed hippy chick originally from Nebraska, I realized my gift to teach yoga and spirituality shortly after graduating from the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. For 16 years, I owned and operated three yoga studios. 

I adore living in the mountains of Colorado. In my free time you can find me out in nature climbing, skiing, hiking, mountain biking, gardening. I also enjoy baking, making my own herbal remedies, playing with crystals and spending quality time with my two daughters Zella, Kevra, and hubby Brian.

Love is the guiding principle and super power of Mindy’s life. As she continues to evolve in her understanding of it and ways to embody love, her desire to heal the divides in this world grows stronger.

She has practiced and taught yoga for over 20+ years. The word “yoga” means to “unite.” That is her soul’s purpose: to look beyond differences and truly see that what connects us is far more powerful than what divides us.

Mindy is here as an Holistic Empowerment Coach to open you to the limitless possibilities that you are, align with purpose and live your best, most abundant life.